Have you started to think about selling your home? Your kids may have mode away to college and now the place is simply too big for you. Perhaps the climate where you live is too cold and you want to move to a warmer area. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is clear. You definitely want to make as much profit as possible from the sale of your property. Now is the perfect time to think about adding to its ultimate resale value. But what steps should you think about taking to reach this crucial goal?

how much resale value can a renovation add to your home

Renovating Your Home Adds a Serious Amount of Resale Value

Did you know that an action as simple as repainting your home can add a considerable amount to its resale value? A recent study concluded that giving your home a new coat of paint can add up to $1,000 to the total asking price. Considering that you can get this job done for considerably less than this figure, this is one renovation that is well worth making. And it’s fair to keep in mind that this is far from the only timely renovation you can make.

There are plenty of other things that you can do to add to the resale value of your property. There is absolutely no reason for you to put a serious dent in your budget while doing so. It’s a good idea to start planning for the sale of your home as far in advance as possible. If you give yourself six months to a year to get your home in shape, you can proceed with a series of improvements that will pay for themselves when the time finally comes to put your home up for sale.

Adding Resale Value to Your Home Will Result in a Profitable Sale

The more time and effort you take to add to the resale value of your home, the more you will ultimately profit. Even something as small as fixing the faucets in your sink will have an effect. Replacing decayed or fading wallpaper takes an eyesore away from the notice of a potential buyer. And if you really want to go for broke, why not replace the antiquated toilet in your bathroom? The more convenience you can offer to a buyer, the more positive the opinion they will have of your property.

Adding On to Your Home is a Great Way to Increase its Value

Another proven way to add to the value of your home is to quite literally add on to it in the physical sense. For example, if you live in a scenic area, such as one near a canyon or stream, why not add a deck to your home that will overlook it? This is a move that doesn’t have to be a major strain on your budget. A simple deck or patio added on to your home is guaranteed to increase both its appeal and its ultimate resale value.

The more things that you can do to increase the attractiveness of your home, the more quickly you will able to sell it. Naturally, you won’t be able to think of everything by yourself. This is why you may wish to engage the services of a professional in this area. It’s an excellent idea to get in touch with a local real estate service to learn more about what you can do to add to the ultimate resale value of your current property. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can pocket the profits.