If your home is looking drab, then it is time to make some updates in each room. Here are a few ways to change your home to make it look updated.

Change the Doorknobs, Hinges and Handles in Your Home

You may ignore the condition of the handles on drawers or the doorknobs on doors, but these items begin to look worn and shabby. You can replace these items long with the hinges with beautiful hardware fixtures that are available in different types of metals such as brass, iron or bronze.10 ways to update your home

Replace the Floor Tiles in Your Home

When you have floor tile that is 10 years old or older, it probably looks worn. The tiles on your floors become scratched and degraded, but you can’t repair these items. It is easy to replace your own floor tiles with materials that you buy in a home improvement store. Installing new tile in your home is an easy weekend project.

Install New Curtain Rods and Hang New Draperies

If your home has ancient curtain rods, then the items may not work properly. You can find an assortment of curtain rods at online or nearby home improvement stores. There are curtain rods that are decorative that will improve the appearance of your home. At the same time, you can order new customized draperies that will fit the windows correctly and that will look beautiful.

Add Wallpaper to Your Home

When you have nothing but neutral paint colors on the walls of your home, it can lead to a boring ambience. Visit a specialty store to find attractive designs of wallpaper for your home. Begin by only using wallpaper on one wall of a home to create an attractive element in your home.

Update Your Home’s Lighting Fixtures

If you have old light fixtures on the ceiling or walls of your home that only accept old-fashioned bulbs, then you should replace the light fixtures. Choose attractive light fixtures that will use energy-efficient bulbs to save money on your monthly electric bills.

Replace a Bathroom’s Plumbing Fixtures

Your home’s bathroom plumbing fixtures may look terrible with ugly stains and broken handles or faucets, so you can call a plumber to visit your home to provide information about the cost of replacing the old toilets, sinks and bathtubs in the bathrooms.

Install Ceiling Fans

If your home feels stuffy in the summer, then you can install ceiling fans in the living room and bedrooms. Some ceiling fans also have light fixtures that will work without using the fans. Ceiling fans also add an attractive ambience to a room in addition to increasing the air circulation.

Hang New Photographs and Artwork

When you are using the same photographs and artwork on your home’s walls for many years, the items can look dingy and old-fashioned. Look for new picture frames for your family photographs, and also, buy new artwork for the walls of your home.

Replace Threadbare Carpeting

You can replace the threadbare carpeting in your home with modern materials that are clean and beautiful. Look for lush carpeting in attractive colors that will make your home look modern and comfortable.

Install New Countertops in the Bathroom and Kitchen

When the countertops in your home’s kitchen or bathroom are chipped and scratched, it is time to replace the items with stone materials such as quartz or granite. You can find stone countertops in a variety of colors to create a unique decor in a bathroom or kitchen.